Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Awesome Physics Game: Tiny Ball vs. Evil Devil They are Happy Balls

Today, i just found a cuit game quietly gets on line Tiny Ball vs. Evil Devil Lite. However this is definitely not a quiet game.

This is an awesome physics game Tiny Ball vs. Evil Devil. It’s similar to Angry Birds in a way, but it’s got its own charm. Hey guys, strategy, logic and target matters in this shooting game based on real physics. The story is all about tiny ball whose ship has been stolen by evil devil and now he needs your help. Get ready with your cannon and physics skills to hit down the evil devil on the ground. However, the balls are tiny but they have spirit and never-ending efforts that take this game to the whole new high peak of physics game genre.

Your skills of accuracy have to pass through the test of 80 awesome levels and 4 episodes. Accurate hit based on physics rules is the only way to get your best performance and achieve more than 20 Achievements. Obstacles are on the way to make nervous but the sound and realistic graphics will never let you down! Share top score in Game Center with friends to be the Devil Crusher…

If you are a fan of hitting games, I stronge suggest Tiny Ball vs. Evil Devil Lite.


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