Thursday, September 15, 2011

Apple May discontinue the Supply of iPhone 4 Bumper case

One of iPhone 4's few shortcomings is the well known antenna connection problem. To satisfy the users who complaining about this problem, Apple released the Bumper case. Although $30 accessory is controversial, quite some people are glad to pay for it. The said news is as next-generation iPhone is so close in the schedule now, Apple seems to stop supplying Bumper case.
As Apple transitions its iPhone line to the iPhone 5, some may not find Apple’s discontinuation of an iPhone 4 accessory surprising. But, there are the countless rumors pointing to Apple retaining the iPhone 4 design for their fifth-generation iPhone.
With Apple apparently set to discontinue the Bumper, the next iPhone may require an updated Bumper or may even feature an all new design. Of course, there is also the possibility that Apple has simply decided to discontinue the Bumper but still retain the iPhone 4 design. After all, an 8GB iPhone 4 has been rumored.
Anyway this is not a good news for iPhone 4 users. I think it is the time to take some action for who will continue to keep iPhone 4 for a while and unfortunately your phone has this antenna problem.


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