Thursday, September 15, 2011

iPhone 4 and Galaxy S II Fight for The Thinnest Advertise Title

You might not realize how important a single word is for a giant like Apple. The fact is they always fight for such a title, like "The Thinnest Phone". Apple just gained this title of iPhone 4 in UK, by beating Samsung.

Techcrunch notes that the UK Advertising Standards Authority has ruled in Apple’s favor on the complaint from Samsung that its Galaxy S II Smarphone is thinner than Apple’s iPhone 4.  Apple’s iPhone is 9.3mm thick the whole way down the phone, while Samsung’s Galaxy S 2 is 8.71mm thin but has a 9.91mm ‘thick’ antenna hump.

The ASA ruled that since the iPhone’s thickest point is thinner than the Galaxy S II’s thickest, Apple has the right to continue claiming the title. Samsung likely isn’t too pleased — save for a single thick bit, their GSII is mostly thinner, and Apple gets to maintain their positioning (in the UK at least) as purveyors of slim, sleek design.

Consumers will not interested in thinnest part, they are more concerned about the overall effect of the device, like to be easily pushed into a pocket or a wallet, according to Apple's saying.

We are know iPhone 4 is not the actual thinnest phone in the world, we saw few thinner ones before, but how much will this "Thinnest" title will bring to Apple? I think it is not a simple number.


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