Friday, September 16, 2011

STREET FIGHTER IV VOLT Updated With New Characters

We have confirm that this application will run on iPad and iPad 2 but this title is not release as iPad or iPad 2 application.

We have added “FeiLong” and “Yun” to the roster!!
22 playable characters to choose from. Multi matching is never been so fun!
Street Fighter IV: Volt perfects the acclaimed iOS fighting game with the addition if WiFi support for V.S. mode. Players can now battle fighters on opposite ends of the earth for the coveted “World Warrior” title.

Street Fighter IV: Volt for iPhone is played in the classic Street Fighter 2D perspective with additional 3D camera flourishes. A unique four-button control system has been created, with a host of new special moves and features integrated into the gameplay system.

Key features:
•Seventeen playable characters including three never available on iOS before – Balrog, Vega, Cody, Sakura and Makoto.
•Battle against friends via Bluetooth and for the first time via WiFi!
•Traditional "2D" Street Fighter gameplay perfected for the iPhone.
•Robust move sets including Unique Attacks, Special Moves, EX Moves, Super Combos and Ultra Combos
•Fully customizable “Visual Pad” control system. Place the D-pad and buttons anywhere on the screen.
•Execute moves through multiple key combinations and shortcuts making the game accessible to casual players, while still challenging to hardcore fans.
•Unlock special avatar bonuses as you play V.S. matches via WiFi and Bluetooth
From this update, player who is drop out from matches even if not intentionally it would be count as "Lose".
This includes pop up display of Email / SMS and phone call.
*3G can be turn off by setting screen "Setting>General>Network".

What's new :

・New characters “FeiLong” and “Yun” are added
・GoodFight button is added to thank the rivals after fight
・60 new icons and titles are added
・Friend Request button is added
・Communication is not cut off by receiving text messages or Friend Requests
*Note: communication still be cut off occasionally


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