Saturday, September 24, 2011

Two-Thirds of Google's Mobile Search Traffic Comes From iOS Devices

The other day during Google’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee the company let a few interesting details slip out while under oath about Android and Google’s mobile efforts.

According to Google’s testimony 2/3 of Google’s mobile-search traffic comes from iOS devices. Some writers have described this as an embarrassing admission on Google’s part that their own Android platform supplies less mobile search than Apple’s products. However, those same people would be ignoring the fact Google is still raking in advertising money from those searches. Google has promised they have a revenue model for Android, and they do in fact make money off it. But, search and advertising is and always has been Google’s infinitely deep cash well.

Another interesting bit of information gleaned from Google’s testimony is that there was a bidding war between Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft to become the default Mobile Safari search engine. How much it cost Google to secure that is not known, but it is public knowledge that Apple does take a small cut of the ad revenue for every search that originates via one of its devices.

Not a very damning testimony, but interesting none the less. Imagine for a minute if Microsoft won the bidding war to become the default search in mobile Safari. I wonder what Steve Balmer would look like in that Bizarro World...


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