Tuesday, September 6, 2011

AppleCare Online Down, back With significant Updates?

 This weekend Apple’s online AppleCare Agreement Support system is found been down for maintenance. It looks like there will be some updates or changes to the system, we see thet just linked the online Apple Store to the social media which is never happened on Apple. And another truth is even AppleCare Support employees can't visit the system either.

Due to the outage users are not able to self-register boxed AppleCare agreements that they may have purchased with their Apple products over the weekend. Additionally users report and we have confirmed that they are unable to view existing AppleCare agreements.  Users attempting to use the system get the following System down for maintenance message:

It isn’t clear if we’ll see changes to the AppleCare Agreement Support system — a system that has worked well for Apple customers interested in tracking their agreements. It has always worked well with one exception – auto enrollment has caused some users significant problems wherein those agreements don’t get linked to their Apple ID as expected. I experienced the same problem after purchasing a computer in June and it took over a month to get it sorted out. Hopefully this maintenance outage will resolve that problem.

AppleCase Support staff were not able to offer an ETA about when the system would be back in service.


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