Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Is This the New iPhone 5, What Do You Think[Video]

I know some of you may say this is silly, or even I would be taken as provocative, but I thinks this video is worthy reseaching. There are now more than 10 minutes I watch the video Foursquaropoly advertising , in which, after a few seconds, you see a boy playing with a device that brings back the famous bitten apple. I stopped the image, enlarged, slowed down and I still wonder: what device is it?

Could be accurately placed within the new iPhone video to create buzz about your product? If so why Foursquaropoly developers should have in their hands a iPhone  5?

Also looking at the first picture you can clearly see the apple on the back, symbolizing an Apple product, or a clone illegal, among many others seen in the latter period, which shows the well-known brand copyrighted. If it were the second option would be in trouble then Foursquaropoly having a fake device used in the video? Tell me waht you think!


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