Thursday, September 22, 2011

Defend Your Castle! Predators are Going to Snatch Wildlings

Wildlings is what would happen if the Castle Defense genre ran smack dab into one of those Discovery Channel documentaries that show predators trying to snatch helpless little’uns from their nests.

The eponymous heroes of Metamoki’s iOS debut have more than snakes and rats to worry about as they defend their broods, however; giant, demon-eyed hamsters and even the undead are responsible for nest predation in these habitats. The Wildlings have decided it’s high time to move their nests far away from such threats, but it seems they’re doing a lot more fighting than running!

Presented with a nest and a varying number of adult guards in each level, the player uses touchscreen taps to guide the Wildlings toward enemies, intercepting predators before they can run off with the helpless chicks or cubs.

Tapping repeatedly makes the Wildlings pick up the pace and attack more rapidly. The game’s tendency to introduce features gradually had me worried at first, but after a few introductory levels Wildlings does get deeper — both in enemy design and virtual button-invoked special attacks fueled by glowing orbs the player gathers throughout. The game is separated into three campaigns, each with its own set of Wildlings, assortment of special attacks and differently behaved enemy hordes. If the player’s collected enough orbs over the long haul, he or she can unlock a fourth set of bonus levels that wraps up the Wildlings’ journey.


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