Thursday, September 22, 2011

China Unicom:We Have Got iPhone 5, Totally Overthrow iPhone 4

Well, I have almost heard iPhone 5 is knocking my door, everything about iPhone 5 is so close, but you just can't touch it, even see it, but some luck bastard has got it already, I mean China Unicom, which is the only authorized carrier to offer Apple iphone to it's customer.

According some China Unicom insiders said, they have got the first batch iphone 5s to test their network in nation wide. Currently  China Unicom has complete some new device adaptation projects, it's expected they can complete all the projects before October.

No doubt iPhone 5 is highly confidential, all the insiders related iPhone 5 have signed the security agreement, so they can't leak anything about iPhone 5, all they can say is iPhone 5 totally overthrow iPhone 4, just like another revolution.


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