Friday, September 23, 2011

Empire War Take War in Your Hand

Empire War, a game that tells a great story as part of the overall experience. It’s clear that there’s an empire, and a war, and where the not-quite-natural-sounding tutorial at least communicates that there’s a hearty blend of Tower Defense and Castle Defense behind the name.

Empire War could be mistaken for a Warcraft-style RTS just by the look of it, but its battle mechanics are set firmly in the Castle Defense tradition as experienced time and time again by iDevice-owning genre fans. Each of its fifty campaign levels kicks off with some breathing time for the player to set up one or two soldier barracks and as many defensive towers as resources on-hand allow. Different troop classes can be dispatched across a no-man’s land with the goal of taking out enemy barracks at the opposite end of the field, and towers are for defending the player’s barracks and main fort from enemies who break through to the player’s side. The player’s troops harass enemies and attack bases of their own volition, but the player directs storms of arrows and cannonfire from his or her towers manually — a real boon to interactivity.

More exciting experience check out the video below :



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