Saturday, September 17, 2011

Finally iOS App Hits App Store


turntable, the web based social music service/DJ/play-music-your-friends-hate client finally has an iOS application available in the App Store. allows users to connect via a bevy of social media networks and form DJ rooms where they can play music together with their friends. Each person chooses songs they want to play and is represented by a DJ avatar at a booth. Everyone can rate each other's songs and earn points in the process. If someone's song is rated bad enough it is skipped.


Nearly all of's desktop client have been ported to the iPhone. The only difference is users DJ'ing from their iPhone will have an iPhone in the hand of their Avatar. However, all is not perfect. The iPhone screen is much smaller than your laptop's screen or PC monitor and if too many DJ's are spinning in one room things get very cramped on screen. Hopefully an iPad version down the line will open up a little breathing room, or perhaps make the room a little more interactive with a DJ roundtable or separate stage areas.


Also, the app gets buggy at times with larger rooms, but overall the experience is rather seamless. The User's queue is even synched between iPhone and desktop versions allowing for easy pick up and play capability. The only downside to the queues is the inability for users to upload songs from their iPhone's music library like their desktop counterparts. This limits user's music choice to's music catalogue, while expansive, doesn't have everything.


The app is free and available now in The App Store.


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