Saturday, September 17, 2011

LilyPad Solar iPad Charging Case Complete With Whistle Locator




At first glance the LilyPad iPad case looks like any other folding iPad case. Upon closer inspection, this case has some seriously cool features.


The first thing that stands out about the LilyPad are the stripes on the outside of the case. They aren't for looks, but rather "solar ink" strips printed on the outside of the case to continually charge the iPad. Under typical lighting conditions the case will extend use to 12-14 days without needing to be connected to another power source. The case includes a USB power-out to charge other devices as well and an iPad compatible HDMI-out.


While the solar capabilities of the case are the main selling point, an interesting little feature the "Whistle Locator" is something all phone cases/phones/tablets should have. This feature allows you to locate the iPad by simply whistling and the case will reply with its own noise to help you to find it. The LilyPad is made out of 80% recycled materials as well, furthering its eco-friendly premise.


Like many great ideas the LilyPad creators have used Kickstarter to help secure funding, and recently reached their goal. The LilyPad is currently being manufactured and the first shipments are expected to hit shelves mid-October. Pre-orders can be made now by pledging $165 on Kickstarter with the retail version of the case—which is Apple Certified by the way—expected to cost more.


The LilyPad looks to be a quality product, but none of the creators' claims can be substantiated until the device if finally released to the public. At a going price of more than $165 this is no cheap piece of case, and may be too steep for many. But, if it's in your budget the LilyPad looks like a solid solar iPad case with a few unique features.


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